Snorkeling in Tortola
Ted snorkeling

All five of us had great times snorkeling in Brewer's Bay. Here is brother Ted.


We spent lots of time inside these huge schools of silversides. It's really a neat experience to be immersed in them. And of course, little fish attract big fish, and lots of other creatures.

Blue tangs, parrotfish, and others
Coral and blennyDamselfishYellowtail Damselfish
Very well-camoflaged octopusChris diving down to see octopus

The pictures above are all from Brewer's Bay, including the handsome sea turtle.

Megan and Chris also spent one day snorkeling in nearby Cane Garden Bay.

Chris snorkeling in Cane Garden Bay
Chris and a pelicanChris and Megan snorkeling

Speaking for myself, Chris, one experience snorkeling along the rocks in Cane Garden Bay stands out. The silversides seemed infinite. There were schools of bright blue tangs and steel-colored jacks swimming past. Huge tarpon emerging from the swarms of smaller fish, shark-like, coming face-to-face with me for just an instant before turning away. Pelicans darting into the water, scooping up their meals. Carpets of brown anemones undulating gently. Curtains of fish parting before me to reveal unexpected, giant elkhorn coral trees. A pounding surf and slightly edgy current making my heart beat a little faster. It was breathtaking.

Words and pictures can't capture the joy of the moment.

Jack or pompano of some sortTarpon and blue tangs
Chris snorkelingChris diving down to harass a crab
Blue tangs
Elkhorn coral

We also did one "night snorkel."

Night Snorkel: MeganNight Snorkel: Chris
Dazed puffer fish

Going out at night enables you to harass sleeping fish. Above you see Chris harassing a dazed young puffer.

Sleeping fish

You also get to see more of the creatures of the night, including octopus, squid, crabs, shrimp, lobsters, and lots and lots and lots of urchins.

Megan knows, but was cruelly reminded, that urchins have spines.

Megan removing Urchin spinesMegan removing Urchin spines

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