Around the Island of Cozumel

CozumelOur lunch spot in paradise

Isla Cozumel is located off the Yucatan coast of Mexico, near Cancun. It's part of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

On our non-diving day, we rented an Isuzu Trooper and drove around the island. There is one paved road that makes a large loop around the south side of the island, where we enjoyed miles of beautiful beaches and turquoise water all to ourselves.

Inland, Cozumel is mostly lush, jungle vegetation, as you can see in the photo (above - left).

Megan in the lighthouseMegan and Chris in the lighthouse
Megan and Chris in the lighthouseView from the lighthouse

Punta Sur National Park: Our drive took us to the Lighthouse at Punta Sur. The lighthouse is part of a park tour that includes saltwater crocs and Mayan ruins (below). The lighthouse itself is not terribly impressive, but the view of the island one earns by climbing the 100+ stairs is well worth the effort! (For photos of the lighthouse and more info on Punta Sur, click here: Punta Sur National Park.)

Megan and Chris in front of Mayan ruinMayan road

The Mayan ruins at Punta Sur (above - left) are remnants of an interesting early storm-detection system. According to our guide, conch shells were placed on Mayan structures near the water. When the wind started to blow hard, it would cause the conch shells to emit a sound (like your blowing into a conch shell might make). The noise would act as a warning of pending storms or hurricanes.

The Mayan road (above - right) was well-traveled by merchants and visitors to Cozumel, who followed it inland from the port to temples and villages.

Saltwater crocodile
Megan, Chris, hungry crocodile

This prehistoric-looking creature is a saltwater crocodile. Growing up in Florida, Megan had seen plenty of 'gators, but this was both her and Chris's first croc encounter. For more on the saltwater croc, click here: Saltwater Croc.

Megan photographing David and CourtneyMegan, Chris, David and Courtney

Meet our cool new dive friends, David and Courtney. We met David and Courtney on our last boat dive. Like us, they're from New York (although David is currently stuck in purgatory in Lake Wobegon.)

Megan and a flowerMegan and an iguana
Impossibly orange iguana

In Mayan, Cozumel translates roughly as "Land of the Swallows." We didn't see that many swallows, but boy, we saw iguanas. And who knew they came in orange?

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